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things to do on dreamwidth when you're dead.

So this post isn't directed and anyone specifically, I just wanted to put it together because I needed a reference list. AND it will be helpful in the future. I'm going to unlock it & feel free to link it to someone if you like. I'm going to hopefully keep it updated too!

5 cool things about dreamwidth
1. Feeds you can watch unlocked comms on lj, rss feeds from anywhere else on your dreamwidth friendslist. This means that you can watch the open-lj comms and unlocked friendsposts from lj without having to use the lj friends feed as well. browse exisiting feeds
2. Usernames because i really like how pretty they look [personal profile] everythingshiny vs [livejournal.com profile] everythingshiny [archiveofourown.org profile] everythingshiny [tumblr.com profile] tashsmash. It works for just about any site, eg deviant art or twitter as well.
3. Randomiser built in randomiser, no scripts needed. on every post, everywhere for users.
4. Screening & Notifs Say you make a post. And you expect lots of comments. So you turn notifs off. You still get a notifs of comments made to one of YOUR comments. But you don't get the notifs of comments other people make to each other. Screened comments don't unscreen unless you tell them too, and if you reply to someones screened comment, they will be able to see your screened reply, and contine you to do so for the whole conversation, without anything every having to be unscreened.
5. usernames names are more likely to be free here, usernames can be longer (up to 25 characters).

Communities that are Multi-fandom & Multi-media
[community profile] stargateproject a community for claiming based on the stargate episode titles. its multifandom though and you should go sign up for something :D
[community profile] theaviary its a land-comm. kinda? I changed the rules up a little so there are more challenges, but less stress. hypothetically.
[community profile] fandom_level similar to the above too, you earn points through claiming things based on kinks and tropes.
[community profile] caffeinatedmagic pretty much a random assortment of challenges and fests.
[community profile] fan_flashworks new theme every 10 days or so, and you can create fanworks of any kind based on that theme.

icon communities
[community profile] iconthat weekly icontest with provided caps
[community profile] fridayfive fortnightly icontest based on FIVE
[community profile] nexticon eternal pass-it-on icon challenge
[community profile] smallbatchicons Our theory is that a posting limit of five icons makes the selected images shine.
[community profile] icons icom promotion
[community profile] fandom_icons icom promotion

writing communities
[community profile] fic_promptly Daily prompts for fic
[community profile] fanfiction a fic promo comm
[community profile] trope_bingo A pan-fandom bingo community that uses common and well-known fandom tropes as squares
there are actually a million and one fic comms but i'm no expert and i don't know what is active. so sorry. this list could be longer

other stuff communities
[community profile] fancake Fancake is a thematic multi-fandom fanfiction recommendation community, where all members are encouraged to post recs based on a monthly theme
[community profile] fandom_on_dw links & promotions for fandom stuff on DW.
[community profile] fandomcalendar more promotions for whats happening
[community profile] vidding the vidding comm!
[community profile] fandom_fanvids more vidding stuff
[community profile] fanmix fanmixes
[community profile] toodamnpretty a daily hot people post comm
[community profile] metaquotes For the posting of amusing, insightful, witty (etc.) things said on Dreamwidth.
[personal profile] fandom_newsletters has a list of active fandom newsletters on LJ and DW.
[community profile] shes_awesome A community dedicated to awesome women, and in particular to awesome female television and movie characters.
[community profile] bestthingever For recs of really great, brand new fic.

social communities
[community profile] addme_fandom
[community profile] thecoffeehouse

There are also a number of fandom-specific stuff but i don't want to add that in here because it will get too long. You can ask though!

cool posts about dreamwidth
- importing flexible squares layouts
- a guide to dreamwidth for lj users.
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I love Dreamwidth - they've taken all the good stuff from LJ and expanded it.