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for a challenge at [livejournal.com profile] ohanythinggoes

Claudia Black // the ancient // Sophia Summer
▲ Descent of a greek god (its unclear which), leader of the team, older than she looks (no one seems to know that either), exceptional military skills, high tolerance for pain, amazing stamina and speed. Is mysterious and spends most of her time at headquarters. No one knows much about her, but she is loyal and can be trusted with their lives
Weapon of choice; sword. Gadgets; healing device worn on the hand.
theme song holding out for a hero - jennifer saunders

Zoe Saldana // the spy // Rosalyn Sparrow
▲ Super spy who can shoot straight, never misses, along with exceptional shooting skills, high tolerance for pain, stealthy when it is called for - specialist in infiltration. Master of disguise, but relaxes around the team, cracking jokes. Used to be involved in the CIA. Left when she was about to get promoted, joined Sophia instead. Second in command.
Weapon of choice; Guns. Gadgets; none.
theme song bulletproof - la roux

Chris Evans // the mover // Mark Miller
▲ Can move things with his mind, when concentrating, people, objects, has trouble moving himself. Short range only, has to see the object. Newest member of the team, used to work in a coffee shop and isn't used to the lifestyle yet. Quiet, but open. Trusts a little too easy sometimes.
Weapon of choice; Guns, whatever he can float. Gadgets; none.
theme song push the button - sugababes (what?)

Anna Silk // the firecracker // Jo(sephine) JacksonCan create fire and can control it. Can protect herself from most attacks through flame, obviously weakened by water. Left home when she was young, likes to party and gets in trouble a little too often. Has a temper, but always listens to Ros when she disagrees with Sophia.
Weapon of choice; fire, daggers. Gadgets; flame proof suit.
theme song firework - tyler ward & alex goot

Aldis Hodge // power grid // Lance Landry
▲ Manipulates energy, including electricity. Exceptional Hacker and technical genius. Prefers to stay out of the immediate fray, but can handle himself in a fight. Avoids touching people, can kill via touch. Was married until he accidentally killed someone, and left his family. Spends most of his time with Sam, who was bought in after they struck up a rapport on the job.
Weapon of choice; hiding in the car. Gadgets; all of them.
theme song electric twist - a fine frenzy

Karl Urban // nexus // Nexus
▲ He's not from around here. Brute strength and any weapon makes him basically untouchable in a fight. Thick skinned and not even a little human. Minor shapeshifting abilities, usually used to make himself human, rarely changing. He came to earth 10 years ago, through a rift in time and space. He searches for a way home, but insn't sure if he'll still take go.
Weapon of choice; anything. Gadgets; none.
theme song fortunate son - CCR

Tabrett Bethall // ms magic // Danielle Dane
▲ Danielle is a witch. Controls the elements and generally a badass. Great with hand to hand combat but can only cast so many spells at once before tiring. Tends to stay back from the fray so can cast spells without being interrupted. Rarely talks to anyone, but was a soldier so takes commands. Weapon of choice; bow and arrow. Gadgets; none.
theme song witchy woman - the eagles

David Blue // math boy // Sam Keller
▲ Can process probabilities like nobodies business, great with math. Generally stays at home, but can protect himself if needed. Smart. So Smart. Helpful in tactics and can also assist with Lance with computers and technology. Was the "bad guy" on a job once, and ended up being recruited. Went to a high ranking college but ended up in the wrong place at the wrong time, working for the wrong people.
Weapon of choice; math. Gadgets; none.
theme song academia - sia

Plus their handler, Phil Coulson of course. :D

also, chris evans should be in all the superhero movies. soooo. yeah.