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Why you should watch teen wolf and do it now before season 3.

5 reasons to watch teen wolf for [community profile] the_deepbluesea

1. Superficial Fanservice.

We'll start with the easy reason first! Everyone is CW-level pretty. Even better than CW-level pretty, actually. SUCH FUN. The episodes have a 2.5/episode rate of shirtlessness. I totally didn't research that number myself. not at all :D THANKS TEEN WOLF WATCHALONG.

Obviously its a teen show, but don't worry when you watch and then have your mad scramble to imbd to find out how old they all are you'll find a number of people who are age appropriate! That makes everything even better.

Also, the Show itself is pretty. Lots of pretty cinematography, plenty of woodsy location shoots, fun scenes involving water or close ups or all that jazz. Its really pretty. And that helps, if you're a fan because thirty million people icon it and you'll never be short of icons.

2. It's Smart, it's a mystery show

Teen wolf doesn't assume we're stupid. It breaks tropes. It plays on its own genre. It has stupid references to things like terminator and independence day. It doesn't slow down, it answers your questions, it gives you new questions.

Because of its genre, and because this is modern day there are some plot holes and some violence played for laughs. There is always going to be a little bit of BUT WHY WOULD YOU RUN UP THE STAIRS. However, 9 out of 10 people agree this isn't an issue most of the time. Also, for me, its nice that i don't always figure things out. Because it doesn't play into the tropes, it sets up red herrings (or doesn't) and because EVERYONE IS THE BAD GUY. (i'll talk about more on that later)

This is a show about werewolves and supernatural goings on. But its also a story about people and the dumb shit that the do, and the very human reasons they do it for.

While you're busy being distracted by the pretty cast and the fast moving plot though, there is actually quite a bit going on with themes, colours, symbolism and the reversal of tropes. Look i'm not going to go into this because frankly a million people have talked about it and there are a bunch of posts on the tumblr which can go into it in more detail, BUT Scott is little red riding hood, water/earth/fire/air is important to the story, the credits basically tell you the whole story and derek is rising out of the ash.

Plus, its still funny and delightful and ridiculous. COME ON ITS A SHOW ON MTV ABOUT WEREWOLVES.

3. Everyone is awful.

Here's the thing, i like all the characters on teen wolf. Even the ones that have been in like, 3 episodes and are probably evil (or mislead). There are 24 episodes of teen wolf and the main characters; Scott, Stiles, Lydia, Allison, Derek & Jackson are pretty well developed for the time that we get to spend on them.

Scott, The Main Character is a loveable puppy who enjoys lacrosse and Allison. He cares about everyone and his best friend is Stiles. He is raised by the greatest mother in all the world, Melissa who has raised him to be a proper gentleman.

He used to have asthma but he's lycanthropy challenged now. He has issues with authority and sometimes isn't reliable because he's focused on Allison. He treds the line between werewolf and those hunting werewolves with a bit of confusion.

He can be a bit of a dick, sometimes, but overall he's an actual ray of sunshine.

Allison, The Badass Damsel is a confident angel who can also shoot your head off. She wants to be strong. What she doesn't realise is that she's already a perfect precious snowflake and is a tiny bit confused because her family is a little on the crazy side and she's supposed to live up to their hunter legacy.

Because she wants to be strong, she sometimes makes bad choices and these lead to her having a storyline that ladies don't often get on tv. I won't talk about it more because i don't want to spoil anyone.

Stiles is smart and funny and frequently the comic relief on the show. He's happy to be involved in the werewolf world which sometimes makes him a little jealous of scott. Stiles, however, mostly cares about 3 people - his dad, the Sheriff, Scott and the love of his life, Lydia. He can be awful, though to people outside his small circle of loved ones.

Lydia is a ginger haired princess, genius and the popular girl in school. She is awful, at least 50% of the time to basically everyone around her, but you can't help to love her because she's strategic and strong.

Luckily they are building her up to be one of the most interesting characters and showing her more vunerable side as well and fits her into both the fallen princess trope and the genius role model.

Derek is the anti-hero who just wants to be brothers with scott and is constantly rejected. He makes terrible choices and wears a lot of leather. His tragic backstory only makes him trust basically no one, and he never smiles unless he wants something. He tries to do the right thing but is frequently thwarted, because he never trusts anyone. One day he's going to be the greatest werewolf to have ever lived, because he tries to protect everyone even though he not so secretly hates them.

I'm not going to talk about Jackson because he has basically zero redeeming features and is just a jerk. Furthermore, i could talk about the 20 secondary cast members that also are the most awesome and worst (cept Melissa. Who is the perfect mother and person.)

Everyone on this show has both strengths and weaknesses, and while sometimes good characterisation is waylaid for plot movements or superficial reasons, even the smallest characters are often turned around from one trope to another, and has reasons behind their motivations. Plus there are scenes where you will cry because you realise that these sweet precious babies also have feelings, and therefore make you have feelings. But the are also teenagers and they are babies and they are growing up and making poor choices and saying stupid shit becuase they are teenagers. So basically everyone is the best and the worst, and sometimes fandom is ridiculous because it tries to tear one person down to push another up, but the secret is that everyone has good and everyone has bad, and MORALLY GREY IS THE MORAL OF THE STORY.

4. It tries so hard.

Once a show gets popular and goes on hiatus, you'll have a million people reminiscing and picking apart why a show is the worst. Why this is just a silly show about werewolves on MTV and you shouldn't expect anything from it other than that its a silly show about werewolves on MTV.

Fuck that. You can like it for that reason if you like, but it also tries hard to be smart, funny, pretty, and live in a magical world where homophobia doesn't exist and sex or the absence of sex isn't showing as anything other than what it is. The sterotypically macho role of the lacrosse coach secretly writes fanfiction about Scott & Danny, one of the only openly gay characters. Its not an issues show, but it tries hard to include lbgt issues, and kinda tries (But falls a little flat) with race. The weakest of the 5 main characters is arguably Stiles, rather than Allison or Lydia, and sometimes the villains are ladies. There are a whole host of issues that surround shows today, and teen wolf is NOT perfect. The 349309 posts on tumblr for and against social justice issues on teen wolf are evidence of that.

You can also dislike this show because it doesn't try hard enough for you; it doesn't have enough diversity, it could go further with its sexualities, it has sexually charged scenes that are never really explained because its written off as entertainment.

But, it TRIES.


Ok so the pilot isn't all that great. But i can show you 943437092318 pilots aren't that great
It has a small budget. But makes up for this by using the crew as extras and having awful special effects sometimes
Its a campy show about teen werewolves. Yes, it is.
But it legitimately gets addictive around epsiode 9 of the series (which incidentally is similar to the first season of Buffy. I'm just saying)
And You should try it. :D

Here are 10 more reasons you should watch teen wolf:

1. Ships! Ships everywhereeeeee (yes, there is one or two big pairings, but there are also is zero reasons to not ship everyone/everyone on this show.)
2. Bro-ships. Scott/Stiles is the true love story of this show, but you also have some really great friendships as well.
3. Villains they are the worst
4. the Supernatural the mythology mostly makes sense, AND it focuses on werewolves. There isn't a monster of the week, there isn't a focus on giving us EVERY SUPERNATURAL THING. its a show about werewolves and werewolf lore.
5. Badassery Especially because there are arrows. gosh i love arrows.
6. Lack of buttons yes, ok this might go with reason number 1 above but i feel like its a disservice not to mention Chris Argent in this post at least once. And his lack of buttons.
7. Continuity I love continuity and this show likes to exploit that. Armarni.
8. ITs on MTV you're right, that's not really a redeeming feature. BUT. this is their first scripted show ever. It doesn't do what networks always does. It doesn't add love triangles like the CW, it doesn't have to live up to the ratings of Fox. Its a little show that's doing really well and it doesn't have to buy into certain things of certain other networks.
9. Ladiesssss yep, it could have more ladies, for sure. everyone should be a lady, actually. BUT it does ok with the ones it has.
10. Fandom the fandom is big and its the worst. BUT its also the best too. There are icons, fic, fanart, and four million meta posts. You won't get bored. ever.

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Great meta/promot! I've seen season 2, s1 hasn't been repeated here yet, but I'm looking forward to s3.

I'm not going to talk about Jackson because he has basically zero redeeming features and is just a jerk. I completely agree!