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I have a cold.
So while the weather is delightful, and i really need to get gardening & housework done i have decided to spend this weekend in bed. I can't afford days off work with it being busy, nor do i wanna waste sick days. SO bed. yes good.

But i need things to distract me more than just reading 2304924 fics. :D



>> to participate, submit one cap here within the next 24 hours. lets say by 10am tomorrow tash time aka 4pm EST
>> i'll edit them into this post
>> you make the icons from the caps
>> submit your icons here by MONDAY tash time. aka Sunday for most of you. i will post them
>> limit on caps is 15, no limit on participants (although i doubt we'll get more than 15)

i actually don't care if you submit a cap or don't submit a cap or enter or not, so just submit one even if you're not 100% you can play. and submit them even if you don't finish. because i said so.
unlocking this post so feel free to invite your friends

caps )

fire bad. tree pretty


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